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The purpose of this website is to provide a centralized location for downloads and support of all our software products. Here you will find all Downloads and Support for WardrobeTools and TouringTools Software products.

About Downloads and Support


  Please Note:
We are renaming our WardrobeTools  application to Wardrobe Manager.

We will be using the name/term WardrobeTools to refer to our suite of Wardrobe related software applications.

The new WardrobeTools Evaluation Demo which includes Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant, and Wardrobe Manager is
complete and ready for download.

Being that Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager are housed within the new evaluation demo, you can choose which version you would like to evaluate each time you start the program. Be brave, test drive them all to see which version is best suited for your needs!

These products are NOT yet available for purchase nor have they been priced.

We expect to have the applications priced by the time the new WardrobeTools Evaluation Demo is made available or shortly thereafter and available for sale by the first quarter of 2015 if not before. There are video tutorials available for WardrobeTools on our YouTube Channel at:  
Support Docs are contained within subfolders of the installation folder and are readable once the demo is installed!


Featured Demos

Below are our current products that are available for download. Click on the Demos name to download!

WardrobeTools Demo

This is our demo that includes Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager. These three products are included within our TouringTools demo as well.

TouringTools Demo

This is our demo that includes TourPro, LiveNotes, MerchTools, StageTools, Personal Utilities, and many more including the suite of Wardrbe products!

MerchTools Demo

Tis is our stand-alobe demo of MerchTools which is also included within the TouringTools Demo.

Wardrobe Planner
wardrobe manager

Demos Include

The WardrobeTools Demo 2015 includes the following Applications:
  1. WardrobePlanner – Wardrobe inventory management and outfit assembly - HOME VERSION - Wall Street to Main Street to Soccer Moms, please visit WardrobePlanner website (fully functional)

  2. WardrobeManager – Wardrobe inventory control system and costume assembly - PROFESSIONAL VERSION for:  Costumers and Wardrobe Managers and Costume Rentals. For more information, please visit WardrobeManager website (fully functional)

  3. WardrobeAssistant – Wardrobe inventory management and outfit assembly - PROFESSIONAL VERSION - Fashion and Image Consultants, Personal Dressers/Shoppers, Personal Assistants and similar. For more information, please visit WardrobeAssistant website (fully functional)


    The TouringTools 2015 v.1.0.0 includes the following Applications:

  1. TourPro - tour/production management application (fully functional)

  2. LiveNotes - front of house and monitor engineer show notes/show control system  (fully functional)

  3. MerchTools - Merchandise Sales and Inventory Tracking  (fully functional)

  4. BudgetTools - Tour or Event Budgeting System (fully functional)

  5. SongNotes – songwriter’s toolkit for song structure and lyric management  - For more information, please visit SongNotes website (fully functional)

  6. WardrobeTools – Wardrobe inventory control system and costume assembly - All three versions. For more information, please visit WardrobeTools website (fully functional)

  7. StageTools - Utilities for anyone that works on or near a stage (fully functional)

  8. hosting services (Beta functional)

  9. RiggingTools – rigging calculator and inventory control system (fully functional)

  10. TouringTools Personal and Professional Utilities (fully functional)



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